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Unified communication and collaboration platform. Make meaningful connections with meetings, team chat, whiteboard, phone, and more in one offering. Virtual Meetings. Team Chat. VoIP Phone System. Online Whiteboard. AI Companion. Email and Calendar. Virtual Working Spaces. Study Together is a platform that connects students from 160 countries and offers 24/7 Zoom study rooms for various subjects. You can join a Zoom study room and learn alongside +200.000 other students, share your study progress, and stay accountable and motivated. Our app has everything you need to manage your workload and have more efficient study sessions. Join the world's #1 online community of students. 24/7 Focus Rooms available for all, so that you can find your new StudyGroup or StudyBuddy. Studying online in a focus room with friends and strangers is a game-changer for millions of students all over the world. … and the crowd goes wild: Using Virtual Backgrounds Joining with a guest name Set your name before joining a meeting Set your name when joining Rename yourself during a meeting When joining a Zoom meeting, disabling your video is one of the best ways to ensure your privacy when joining a meeting.