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Go to the login page. Figure 2. Login Enter the User Name and Password, and click Log In. Optional: Change the network configuration. Go to System Management > Network Configuration. Figure 3. Network Configuration Change the IP address, mask address, the gateway address, DNS and alternative DNS as needed. Oct 18, 2022 · Learn how to log directly into your camera without entering the recorder by enabling Virtual Hosting in the recorder's web gui or by using the IP address of the camera. Follow the steps to connect your computer to the same network as the camera and use the SADP tool to find the IP address of the camera. Steps: Run the web browser, input the IP address of the DVR/NVR in the address bar, and then press the Enter key. The login interface appears. Input the user name and password of the DVR/NVR. Click Login. If the http port of DVR/NVR is not default 80, please enter the complete IP address including http port to access the DVR/NVR. User Authentication Center. This platform has been designed to help customers effectively operate and manage security devices, including network cameras, NVRs, DVRs, security control panels, access control devices. Configuration > Network > TCP/IP Change IP address. Save the settings. Use web browser to activate the camera. For the camera with the DHCP enabled by default, use SADP software or PC client to activate the camera. Open the web browser. Input IP address of the camera to enter the login interface. Input user name and password. Note: Illegal login lock is activated by default. If admin user performs seven failed password attempts (five attempts for user/operator), the IP address is blocked for 30 minutes.